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10 Mar 2020
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these are not your parents mutants. #NewMutants are in theaters April 3, 2020.
20th Century Studios in association with Marvel Entertainment presents “The New Mutants,” an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive.
In Theaters August 28, 2020
Directed by: Josh Boone
Screenplay by: Josh Boone & Knate Lee
Produced by: Simon Kinberg, p.g.a., Karen Rosenfelt, p.g.a., Lauren Shuler Donner
Cast: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga
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  • this movie is cursed as well as the Thief and the Cobbler did!

    Ricco CanipeRicco CanipeBulan Yang lalu
  • #TheNewMutants #JoshBoone #CharlieHeaton #AnyaTaylorJoy #BluHunt #HenryZaga #MaisieWilliams #AliceBraga

    * wLucas ** wLucas *5 bulan yang lalu
  • The new mutants

    * wLucas ** wLucas *6 bulan yang lalu
  • 0:17

    Mona CruzMona Cruz8 bulan yang lalu
  • This is The EVOLUTION process🙌 Its Incredible.

    Movie clipsMovie clips9 bulan yang lalu
  • 0:05 "Ooh, scary." Wow, not even close with that dub, there.

    Drachona The WolfDrachona The Wolf9 bulan yang lalu
  • This movie is just a joke a this point

    Alex 8AAlex 8A9 bulan yang lalu
  • The New Mutants | Attitude TV Spot | 20th Century Studios c𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕜 𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 ➽ spesial▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬Original All Subtitles Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent

    Princience AngeliaPrincience Angelia9 bulan yang lalu
  • 0:22 ok goosebumps

    pussy fuckerpussy fucker10 bulan yang lalu
  • 0:17

    Mona CruzMona Cruz10 bulan yang lalu
  • #HYPE

    AL JOHNSONAL JOHNSON10 bulan yang lalu
  • The best ending ever

    Рустам АлмазРустам Алмаз10 bulan yang lalu
  • new movie is out,,,,,,,the coronavirus defeats the new mutants.........magik loses her soulsword.......

    Sam MSam M11 bulan yang lalu
  • The movie is out

    Shantell KnowlesShantell Knowles11 bulan yang lalu
  • When Henry Zaga says Ooh Scary, the lip sync doesn't match up

    K,m,K,m,11 bulan yang lalu
  • i hate movies kids

    speed 3dspeed 3dTahun Yang lalu
  • It’s coming out august 28

    Terrill Goodwine JrTerrill Goodwine JrTahun Yang lalu
  • 3 de abril F

    Pablo SilgueroPablo SilgueroTahun Yang lalu
  • What is that realm that Magik about to go in to? Hell? Or a dimension similar to it?

    Chris BowersChris BowersTahun Yang lalu
    • A Similar dimension called Limbo

      DracorDracorTahun Yang lalu
  • :'v Fvck u coronavirus!!!!!

    GnollGnollTahun Yang lalu
  • Since the Coronavirus delayed that movie, they should move it to June 24th or July 3rd

    Star_StrikerStar_StrikerTahun Yang lalu
    • August 28

      Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Tahun Yang lalu
    • You are being too optimistic. It's unlikely theaters will be opening that soon. They should just drop this to streaming.

      Patrick LangePatrick LangeTahun Yang lalu
  • Well it’s April 3rd I’m off to the theater

    Godzilla 2004Godzilla 2004Tahun Yang lalu

  • It could’ve come out tomorrow😭😭

    leeiliketoreadleeiliketoreadTahun Yang lalu
  • Oh man I was so looking forward to watching this but quarantine just got extended in my province.

    Brandley the CatBrandley the CatTahun Yang lalu
  • This is essentially one of the most important PG-13 film titles this year. 🎥🤔

    Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • THARONA ( Thanos Corona ) : I'm Inevitable 🌌🌌🌌

    Hisyam NctHisyam NctTahun Yang lalu
  • Just release this on Disney + now. Its been 3 years. With the Isolation going on its the only way to guarantee we all watch this.

    Quest3onQuest3onTahun Yang lalu
  • Please release it on digital already

    Toby vhqsqfan28Toby vhqsqfan28Tahun Yang lalu
  • 0:22

    Unicornsaur :DUnicornsaur :DTahun Yang lalu
  • This film is just gonna be an urban legend

    AS KAS KTahun Yang lalu
  • This movie is the definition of having bad luck

    Alex 8AAlex 8ATahun Yang lalu
    • Totally disagree. Every film has challenges. The New Mutants are fighters!!!

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • Maybe it’s a sign that the whole movie should be discarded because it’s not even connected to the main marvel cinematic universe nor was its production, casting, etc supervised by Disney

    chris Ezchris EzTahun Yang lalu
  • Covid !!😡😡😡😡🤬

    fluke iizfluke iizTahun Yang lalu
    • Covid-19 can go to hell, where it belongs.

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • It seems this movie is coming from Dani Moonstar's point of view but I hope Magik is the character we see the most of and has the best fight scenes. Also hope Cecilia Reyes turns around and becomes a protector and shows off her shield powers. I'm fine with it being a "horror/scary movie" but if this goes south, I don't see Marvel integrating these chars into the MCU for a long time.

    Riley O'ConnellRiley O'ConnellTahun Yang lalu
    • @Riley O'Connell I would love to see the XCU at 20th Century Studios have a revised linear timeline -- like the MCU has. Especially after 20 years of dedication from professionals and audiences...

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
    • @Chris Corley Although the MCU is currently looked at as the Avengers storyline, I think Disney is going to change this. I believe they want the MCU to be filled with all their franchise characters. Which would make sense, since many X-Men characters have been part of the Avengers line up. Now, I have no idea how they are going to pull it off but having MCU and restarting the XCU would be tricky. I think Disney will probably start bringing in 1 or 2 characters into the MCU with each movie or every other movie they release but then again, its just a theory.

      Riley O'ConnellRiley O'ConnellTahun Yang lalu
    • These characters belong in the nearly complete first-gen XCU anyways... They obviously don't belong anywhere inside the Avengers storyline...

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • I never really cared about this film. Bury it, pay them, and just bring them to the mcu.

    Bob StarkBob StarkTahun Yang lalu
    • You just listed every reason to keep them in the essential first-gen XCU... Many of us dedicated fans, do care.

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu

    PowerfulPowerfulTahun Yang lalu
  • Okay. Seeing Illyana, Limbo and the Soulsword has me reconsidering seeing this. WOW.

    FaytLinegodFaytLinegodTahun Yang lalu
  • The only reason I have not lost any interest in this movie is because of Maisie Williams(Wolfsbane). Hopefully, it will be shown in the theaters if and when the CURRENT ISSUE gets resolved.

    David WatsonDavid WatsonTahun Yang lalu
  • This film is cursed

    Anthony FantanoAnthony FantanoTahun Yang lalu
    • I don't believe in stupid curses... I believe in The New Mutants. 🎥

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • Very exciting for this movie

    Chaudhari AbhayChaudhari AbhayTahun Yang lalu
  • Can you all wake me up when the film is release i want sleep untill this movie come out

    Nary NgegameNary NgegameTahun Yang lalu
  • Ooh... Scary​😆😆

    DAYzap DotNetDAYzap DotNetTahun Yang lalu
  • Coronavirus be like: No More Mutants

    ßĪĮŁĽßĪĮŁĽTahun Yang lalu
  • This movie is never coming out !!! So disappointed, I was really looking forward to seeing it

    Reserved ArtistReserved ArtistTahun Yang lalu
    • This is essentially one of the most important PG-13 film titles this year. 🎥🤔

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
    • @RadRich I hope so

      Reserved ArtistReserved ArtistTahun Yang lalu
  • Anya Taylor-Joy

    Ji SooJi SooTahun Yang lalu
  • DEMON BEAR!!!!!! 😄😄

    Ricky BobbiRicky BobbiTahun Yang lalu
  • People: "I watch Dark Phoenix just because Quicksilver" Also people: "I watch New Mutants just because Magik" It's when they make movies with some mutants but just one person that can make you hype about movies.

    SB 555SB 555Tahun Yang lalu
  • Just put it on Disney Plus.

    JeremyJeremyTahun Yang lalu
  • Parece una serie!

    oscar diazoscar diazTahun Yang lalu
  • Man I was really looking forward to seeing this movie I hope they don’t push it back too far.

    Ross SappRoss SappTahun Yang lalu
  • This movie is gonna be so bad

    B BB BTahun Yang lalu
    • Compared to what? You're a liar.

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • 0:04 that light reflection on the door knob coincidentally forms an X. Thought it’s a shot related to Westchester for a sec

    Rhetiq 99Rhetiq 99Tahun Yang lalu
  • It's new degeneration

    Alexandr NikitinAlexandr NikitinTahun Yang lalu
  • We were this close.

    ImmaChiaotzu1ImmaChiaotzu1Tahun Yang lalu
  • This didn’t age well..

    Military Uniform PrincessMilitary Uniform PrincessTahun Yang lalu
  • Arya found her new home

    Kevin joyKevin joyTahun Yang lalu
  • 3 April 2020.... But, Are you sure?!

    PardonMyExistence.PardonMyExistence.Tahun Yang lalu
  • Osm mutant's

    DÎLWÂR MDÎLWÂR MTahun Yang lalu
  • Hmm interesting

    Geek CastGeek CastTahun Yang lalu
  • I knew it! The new mutant always delayed

    LaufieldLaufieldTahun Yang lalu
  • Big oof, they delayed the release yet again.

    RusCusRusCusTahun Yang lalu
  • Coronavirus: chuzo creo que no se va a poder.

    angel velezangel velezTahun Yang lalu
  • I cannot believe this!! After so many other delays I was honestly very excited to see this movie!! But now that it’s been delayed again (thanks to coronavirus) they should just officially cancel this movie already because I am sure it will never be released!! 😡

    Sam HusbandsSam HusbandsTahun Yang lalu
  • and now it got pushed back... this movie cannot catch a break

    Myella TorresMyella TorresTahun Yang lalu
  • it’s been delayed AGAIN

    bugsybugsyTahun Yang lalu
  • Hello REboot

    Obsidian TechZObsidian TechZTahun Yang lalu
  • It will be fun if it gets canceled again cause of coronavirus.

    alex Tselealex TseleTahun Yang lalu
    • This novie has a curse

      daniel mateos gómezdaniel mateos gómezTahun Yang lalu
    • @Pullup Productions That movie is unlike

      alex Tselealex TseleTahun Yang lalu
    • Yep.

      Pullup ProductionsPullup ProductionsTahun Yang lalu
    • @darkxspirit omg really?

      alex Tselealex TseleTahun Yang lalu
    • it did actually....

      darkxspiritdarkxspiritTahun Yang lalu
  • Someone has put a curse on this movie to always to get delayed...

    Stiles StilinskiStiles StilinskiTahun Yang lalu
  • Welp, it got delayed again

    NehiJG 88NehiJG 88Tahun Yang lalu
  • If you watch with no sound and lip read. She doesn’t say “so am I” so I’m curious 1. When does she say it, 2 what’s she’s actually saying

    pnutrokspnutroksTahun Yang lalu
  • Why dropping new TV Spot when the actual movie’s delayed anyway?

    just mejust meTahun Yang lalu
  • Wow that fire effect of human torch/sun spot its looks better then future past i think😍😍

    neil oyagamineil oyagamiTahun Yang lalu
  • I was really looking forward to this. Upset it is getting delayed...again! Kudos to the people behind this film who made it and keep waiting and waiting.

    MarcusMarcusTahun Yang lalu
  • really on April 3 ?

    W JenkinW JenkinTahun Yang lalu
  • And it gets Delayed again 😫😫

    Adrian PerezAdrian PerezTahun Yang lalu
  • This movie still looks like an absolute blast; I'm so excited to finally get to see--& it's been delayed again.

    CaptHayfeverCaptHayfeverTahun Yang lalu
  • Just give it to Disney already

    mariogamefreak1mariogamefreak1Tahun Yang lalu
  • Delayed again

    Daniel TamayoDaniel TamayoTahun Yang lalu
  • Anya Taylor is the reason I’m watching this!!!

    MisscarriagedBaby69MisscarriagedBaby69Tahun Yang lalu
  • All this just to get the movie delayed again lmao

    Varun PatroVarun PatroTahun Yang lalu
  • Welp

    Mischeif MaestroMischeif MaestroTahun Yang lalu
  • “April 3”.. the LIE

    RSRSTahun Yang lalu
  • For a blessed Easter help me, download the app and enter my code: N35H5BR pleaseee !!!

    Dan JuvenoDan JuvenoTahun Yang lalu
  • this is going to be fire

    James RyanJames RyanTahun Yang lalu
  • Thats a shame they are delaying new mutants. Again!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Evil MortyEvil MortyTahun Yang lalu
    • What's worse is that we don't know what the new release date is this time!

      Patrick LangePatrick LangeTahun Yang lalu
  • This 4th delay is getting me on my nerves

    Lincoln KernLincoln KernTahun Yang lalu
  • Apparently God just doesn’t want this movie to come out. Enough to strike the world with a plague to push it back.

    Marvel DisneyfanMarvel DisneyfanTahun Yang lalu
  • Coronavirus is coming back to delay the film once again!

    Asahi AzumaneAsahi AzumaneTahun Yang lalu
  • "20th Century..... *StUdIoS* " smh

    Julian David ACJulian David ACTahun Yang lalu
  • This movie is cursed

    With HealthbarsWith HealthbarsTahun Yang lalu
    • I disagree. Challenged to the Duel !!! It shall succeed in the right time, with the true test of resolve and patience.

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • NOOOOO!!! We were SO CLOSE after waiting SO LONG!!! New Mutants just pulled off of the release schedule until further notice due to corona virus concerns.

    usagicassidyusagicassidyTahun Yang lalu
    • A quiet place 2 too. 7 more days only! I’m upset about coronavirus

      LaufieldLaufieldTahun Yang lalu
    • I will be 100% supportive, once released...

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • Anya is gonna hard carry this film so hard.

    nocchi.nocchi.Tahun Yang lalu
  • So who’s here after it got delayed.... again 😑

    Nathaniel CadouganNathaniel CadouganTahun Yang lalu

    CANAL Lançamento TOP channel release topCANAL Lançamento TOP channel release topTahun Yang lalu
  • Can’t believe this is getting delayed again!😭

    JadeJaxJadeJaxTahun Yang lalu
    • Just gives the Studio time to extended the cut -- and add give us more VFX goodies!!!

      Chris CorleyChris CorleyTahun Yang lalu
  • Magik looking 🔥

    MyFirstName MyLastNameMyFirstName MyLastNameTahun Yang lalu
  • Fans: Finally the movie will be released next month! After all those years.. Coronavirus: Hold my beer..

    P4ULOEDITS 17P4ULOEDITS 17Tahun Yang lalu
    • August 28th, 2020.

      Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Tahun Yang lalu
    • Coronavirus: Hold my Bat

      ViperViperTahun Yang lalu
    • @P4ULOEDITS 17 okay. Maybe it was March in my country. I thought the movie was recently delayed till April.

      THB NamTHB NamTahun Yang lalu
    • Vader dex the movie was supposed to be released in theatres April 3, 2020

      P4ULOEDITS 17P4ULOEDITS 17Tahun Yang lalu
    • THB Nam the movie was supposed to be in theatres April 3, 2020

      P4ULOEDITS 17P4ULOEDITS 17Tahun Yang lalu
  • 'atamanaa daemukum walaishtirak fi qanati

    دموع الورددموع الوردTahun Yang lalu
  • Why do I've feeling that it'll be a flop

    Amir MahmoodAmir MahmoodTahun Yang lalu